Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Reflecting is Part of Growing

Before this class, I thought that technology was way out of reach for kindergartners. Through the weeks, I was forced to consider how my students could use different technologies. I was unfamiliar with wikis, podcast, and blogs. Throughout this course, I was able to explore those uncharted territories more in-depth and was forced to consider the use of them in my classrooms. My students may not be able to manipulate many technologies on their own but with the help of a teacher or adult they can give their input. There is now a focus on giving my student a chance to lead their own education by working technologies they can use, like a digital camera or flip camera. Taking time to consider in which ways basic technologies could be used by my students has helped me start to plan with a student-centered mind.

As a teacher, I thought about how I could use these new technologies. In today's busy educational world, wikis could help connect me to other teachers around the world, and in my own neighborhood. Parents could access information regarding their child's education and classroom with ease using a blog or podcast. Blogs and podcasts used for academic purposes could be used to show parents what the expectations of their child are in the classroom. Podcasts could be used for student to express their view on a story we read, or to give a oral retelling. They possibilities are endless with technology, as long as it is available.

In the future, I hope to expand my knowledge of technology by learning more about what is out there and available to schools. The more you know about new technology the easier it is to incorporate it. I also hope to find more professional development on the uses of technology in classrooms. When properly trained people are way more likely to use the tools they have at hand, even teachers need to learn from time to time.